Tuesday, October 19, 2010

He's Baaaaaack...

And we're going with him.

Over the past few months, we have had difficultly keeping current with our blog posts.

A few weeks ago, we were contacted by the person who basically inspired this site, the infamous NDP Boogeyman. We decided that since we were doing the same thing, we would work together to expose the NDP in Saskatchewan. And we decided to do it at his blog.

So look for us as authors of our own posts. The NDP Boogeyman has offered us complete control editorial over our posts and we will continue to receive email at ndpwatch@gmail.com

It's been fun. Thanks for following us. But we think this is really going to take the fun up a notch.

Check us out at http://www.ndpboogeyman.blogspot.com/

Friday, October 8, 2010

Worst Birthday Present Ever!

John Gormley's first book, Left Out - Saskatchewan's NDP and the Relentless Pursuit of Mediocrity is going to be available to the public on October 20th, 2010. However, the book will be available for the general public on October 12th if you order now on the web site. Go there now... http://www.leftout.ca/

We've had the opportunity to review the book, and all we can say is there are going to be some very angry NDP supporters and leaders. The book is very entertaining, but it will also anger you. Gormley picks apart the tactics and the cover-ups if the NDP machine since their inception in the 1940's as the CCF.

Gormley is the perfect nightmare for the NDP apparatchik. He's a former politician, a lawyer and a talk-show host. And he understands politics, especially the way the NDP do it.

We suggest you get the book as soon as possible before they are sold out. It is a must for politicos as well as people that want to have a more in-depth knowledge of the natural governing party of Saskatchewan.

As for the worst birthday present ever? The book is officially launched on... you guessed it, Tommy Douglas' birthday.

We're sure that's just a coincidence....

Happy Birthday, Tommy!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Buckdog - The NDP's Voice of Confusion

Does he even read his own blog? We have trouble reading it too... 

Monday September 20th  - Saskatchewan's 'Unfettered Free Market' Premier Now Wants To 'Fetter' The Free Market!!

Monday October 04th - Brad Wall's 'Unfettered Free Market' Nonsense Could Cost Saskatchewan Billions - Says Board Of Canada

Well Buckdog, what do you want to scold Premier Wall for? Being a capitalist or not being a capitalist? 

Monday, September 27, 2010

Our Future Together

Is apparently no future at all...

JGL producer Tammy Robert reported this morning that she had spoken to Ryan Meili and he has confirmed that he has stepped down from the Saskatoon Sutherland  NDP nomination that was to be held October 02nd.

Meili confirms this on his Facebook fan page.

"However, the often negative and divisive aspects of political life have taken their toll on me. For this reason I have decided to withdraw my candidacy for nomination in Saskatoon Sutherland."

Meili was the second runner up in the NDP leadership campaign to Lingenfelter and represented the shining light in the NDP renewal, as opposed to the divisive old school dirt-bag politics of Lingenfelter.

It is no secret Lingenfelter did NOT want Mieli to threaten his leadership or his regime, so he and his backers were quietly supporting (and some not so quietly) a political newcomer, Naveed Anwar.

Typically, someone stepping down from a nomination is at times no big deal, but not this time.

We believe this signals the official beginning of a civil war inside the NDP between Lingenfelter and his crew, and the many traditional NDP supporters who despise Lingefelter's management and hold the party to a higher moral standard.

Public wars are not a trademark of the Saskatchewan NDP, so watch for a series of defections to the Greens, or for usual NDP supporters to sit on their hands during the next election.

However, we are hearing of more and more people who have been marginalized by the Lingenfelter regime and are thinking about coming forward with exceptionally damning information about the way things have been run since he took over. We don't believe they are seeking revenge against Lingenfelter personally (although we believe privately they are), but they are seeking a noble way to save their party.

With Mieli stepping down, this is where it all officially starts...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The First Rule of a Losing Campaign

When you have no hope of winning, go for the smear! (And embarrass yourself in the process)

NDP Northwest candidate's Jan Dyky's first brochure referring to her competitor, the Sask Party's Gord Wyant

"Wyant made his career as a corporate and banking lawyer"...

Oh the horror! Run for the hills, he's a lawyer!

And how about this one?

"Wyant cares more about his bank account that public service. Despite already having considerable wealth, he says he may keep collecting nearly $51,000 per year of his city councillor salary..."

Besides being totally inaccurate (Wyant has already stated that he is taking a leave from city council during the writ period, and will step down if successful in the campaign...but don't let the facts get in the way of an attempted smear), how exactly do the NDP know about how much "considerable wealth" Wyant has?

Talk about trying to start a class war! Would Dyky be a better candidate if she and her husband were having trouble making ends meet, or if she was broke?

The more these people speak, the more they continue to expose themselves as mean-spirited rank amateurs.

Dyky has no hope of winning the seat. But in the meantime it seems like she's intent on embarrassing herself for the next 28 days. Good luck with that...

NDP - Narcissist Democratic Party

We're back on line after a lengthy Summer session, so lets get at it.

As you know, Premier Brad Wall has called an by-election for Saskatoon  Northwest, the seat recently vacated by Serge Leclerc.

Let's see what NDP candidate, Jan Dyky thinks of herself...

In her own words, "What a great candidate... it will be a pleasure to have a strong new voice in the legislature, representing the constituents of Saskatoon Northwest!"

I think the constituents of Saskatoon Northwest will decide if Jan Dyky is a great candidate or not, regardless of what she thinks of herself.

Where does Lingenfelter find these people?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Tolerant CUPE Union President

Well known NDP Orc Jacquie Christienson writes another LTTE in today's Star Phoenix

"Strange how Premier Brad Wall can play the big shot and suddenly fund clinical trials for phantom, emotion-based liberation treatments for multiple sclerosis."

Christienson has served on NDP constitiuency executives as well as a CUPE local president. She has never had a medical degree, yet she decries the "phantom, emotion based liberation" treatments for MS sufferers with a total disregard for them or their families.
The Premier is funding clinical trials which is the correct thing to do, but he never stated this was a or the only cure for MS, but he wants to find out.
Yet this Christenson ignormaus has already come to the conclusion that the liberation treatment is not real because she hates the Sask Party and in particular Brad Wall. She throws MS sufferers and their families under the bus, with no thought or empathy to their situations to advance a political agenda.
This is the voice of the unions and the NDP in today's Saskatchewan.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Right On Cue

In our previous post, we mentioned that SP/LP political columnist Murray Mandryk was lazy in his research and a mouthpiece for NDP talking points.

Thanks for proving our point so quickly. This is Mandryk's editorial from today, July 28th, 2010.

Potentially even more problematic for Wall is the recent Court of Appeal ruling that the Sask. Party won't be dropped from the new/old provincial Progressive Conservative party lawsuit seeking control over the $2.9-million PC Trust Fund.

Now take a look at this news release from the NDP caucus office from July 26th, 2010.

Today the Saskatchewan NDP called on Premier Brad Wall to take seriously his responsibility to uphold the democratic process in Saskatchewan, drop his legal stalling tactics, and admit the Saskatchewan Party's role in denying the Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan access to its $3 million Trust Fund.

Mind you, he showed journalistic independence by not accepting Lingenfelter's $3 million dollar trust fund number. He used the more accurate $2.9 million figure. And he did wait an entire day before he wrote his column.

But the rest of the column could have been written by the NDP caucus staff themselves.

Mandryk once again proves he is not an objective political reporter, but merely a propagandist and apologist for the NDP.

Thanks for proving our point, Murray.